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Developing Change: Photography With a Humanitarian Focus

drkrm gallery

933 Chung King Road, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA

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Event Description

Developing Change: Photography With a Humanitarian Focus 
A Fundraising Exhibition

drkrm is pleased to announce Developing Change, the first group exhibition in Los Angeles to feature humanitarian organizations dedicated to positive and beneficial change through photography. Whether it's helping children living with cancer to develop their creative voices, using photography to introduce and keep children engaged in the education process, teaching photography as a useful, empowering and employable skill or seeking to provide a record of a living form of photography on the brink of disappearing – their work depends on continuing public involvement and support.

Developing Change was curated out of the belief that photography can and does promote the power and beauty of humanitarian aid, however difficult the subject matter. The images presented in this exhibition reflect more than just an observed moment. They communicate each organization's mission and accomplishments, as well as the talent and unique point of view of the individuals and communities they serve. We celebrate these eleven organizations by raising awareness of the urgency of their causes and the positive effects of their efforts.

Selected works created by the member artists of each organization will be on display and available for purchase during this two week exhibition. The images in this exhibition are varied in subject matter; from whimsical to serious, from nature to nurture - all challenging the viewer to value the art of photography and the myriad of purposes it serves for each of these organizations.

We strongly encourage anyone wishing to support these wonderful organizations to purchase a ticket(s) even if unable to attend. Ticket and print sales directly benefit each organization!


Developing Change features the following organizations:

Afghan Box Camera Project 
Afghan Box Camera ProjectAfghanistan - The aim of the Afghan Box Camera Project is to provide a record of the kamra-e-faoree. Afghanistan is one of the last places on earth where photographers have continued to use a simple type of instant camera called the kamra-e-faoree for means of making a living. At one stage it was even outlawed when former rulers of Afghanistan, the Taliban, banned photography, forcing photographers to hide or destroy their tools.
Empowerment International  
Empowerment InternationalNicaragua - Empowerment International offers community-based holistic programs to children and their families in two extremely impoverished communities in Nicaragua with the purpose of keeping children in school. The Empowerment International photography program is used to help children develop and nurture their artistic talents and as means to teach various skills to help them break this cycle of poverty.
Exposing Hope 
Exposing Hope, San Francisco - Exposing Hope puts a spotlight on under-reported human rights abuses through compassionate and compelling photography. We hold documentary photography exhibitions and inspire viewers to support carefully selected non-profits helping those depicted while providing efficient channels to effect change.
Fotokids Guatemala
FotokidsGuatemala - The purpose of Fotokids is to help small groups of Central American young people from the poorest of barrios develop useful, employable skills as a means to self-exploration, expression, and discovery. Through intensive, long-term personal relationships with teachers and mentors, participating children learn to use photography, creative writing, and computers as tools to examine their lives, families, communities and environment bridging the global technology divide.
Northwest Passage
In A New Light
In A New LightWisconsin - In A New Light harnesses the power of art and nature to bring hope and empowerment to the lives of at-risk and marginalized teens.  Through intensive photography skills training and expeditions to national parks around the United States, the young artists gain an expressive voice and a connection to the natural world that serve as sources of strength throughout their lives.
Las Fotos Project
Las Fotos ProjectLos Angeles - Las Fotos Project, a project of Community Partners, is a non-profit, community-based photography program whose mission is to bring about positive change for young Latinas facing adversity. Through one-on-one mentoring, photography trainings, and assigned field projects, Las Fotos Project provides a creative outlet for students, encouraging them to express their artistic talents and explore their imagination, while building self-confidence.
Pablove Shutterbugs
Pablove ShutterbugsLos Angeles - Pablove Shutterbugs is the signature program of The Pablove Foundation. In an educational setting, the 8-week program allows children living with cancer to express and develop their creative voices through the art of photography. Each child receives hands-on experience through a mix of one-on-one weekly instruction and group classes. The students also receive their own camera equipment, which is theirs to keep upon completion of the program. Once a year we celebrate the students’ photographic achievements and raise awareness of childhood cancer with a Pablove Shutterbugs group show at an art gallery. We also offer photography workshops and a week-long photography summer camp for children living with cancer.
Project Luz
Project LuzMexico - Project Luz seeks to inspire and empower youth living in communities throughout Mexico. With the help of dedicated volunteers, we provide youth with audio and photography resources (professional mentors, instruction and equipment) necessary to encourage positive social change within themselves and their community.
SNAPSHOP!, a program of the Lucie Foundation, Los Angeles - SNAPSHOP! aims to cultivate the photographic minds of the future and and provide the opportunities for high school students to acquire skills that might not be readily available to them in their schools or communities. SNAPSHOP! serves youth who have limited or no access to photography programs and workshops. SNAPSHOP! is a four-Saturday workshop that culminates in the exhibition of the students work in a traditional gallery setting. Our outreach includes students attending high schools in South Los Angeles, Watts, Mid-city, The Crenshaw District and the greater Los Angeles area.
The One Shot Project
The ONE-SHOT ProjectIraq - The idea for The ONE-SHOT Project was initially developed because of the circumstances of children living in Iraq. Due to many factors, but especially the impact of 30 years of war, Iraqi children need help to recover. ONE-SHOT provides workshops for children who lack opportunity. For those students who are talented and interested, we will provide education and vocational opportunities, through the teaching of photographic, documentary, and story-telling skills. These skills can provide students with a profession they can use their whole lives.
THUTOBotswana - Pics by Kids is a digital arts program created by the THUTO Foundation for Botswana, Africa’s disadvantaged youth and HIV/AIDS orphans. The goal of the program is two fold: to bridge the digital divide between developed and developing nations; and to empower children with and in the use of information communication technologies. The Children of Botswana is an ongoing photography project of the Pics by Kids program that started in 2007. To date, a group of forty children, aged 8-17, mothers of the children, social workers from SOS Children's Villages and THUTO’s founder, Annelize Bester, photographed Botswana to create a Humanitarian Virtual Photography Archive. The goal of the project is to help create awareness and a scholarship fund for Botswana’s disadvantaged youth and HIV/AIDS orphans.


We thank you for your support and for helping make this a fantastic event for all of these wonderful organizations!
We would also like to thank our exhibition sponsors:
Ticketbud           Freestyle Photographic Supplies           Rentech                                                    Month of Photography Los Angeles            Picostore        Bureau of Arts and Culture        Kodak Image Center Solutions
Los Angeles' historic Chinatown neighborhood is accessible via the Metro Chinatown stop and by bus. Please note Chung King Road is a pedestrian alley and not accessible by car. It is located to the north of the Pacific Alliance Medical Center's parking lot and to the west of Master Chef restaurant.
Street and metered parking along Hill, College and Yale Streets is available in addition to pay lots on Hill.
Please no refunds.
Please present either your printed ticket or a digital copy from your phone for entry.
All ages are welcome.
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April 20th, 2013  6:00 pmMay 4th, 2013  9:00 pm